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​Muscle Therapy Reviews

"Conscientious and honest service. The second treatment seemed to have helped with some shoulder issues that I have been dealing with." -Glenn

"When I was pregnant with each of my three children, I experienced pain in my right hip that would hurt so bad! The pain was getting worse, even after I had delivered each of my children. Every time I would walk around for a while, or went hiking, the pain just got so intense. This had gone on for many years and they tried massage, physical therapy, and other things. Timarie said she was learning something new, and that she wanted to try it on me to see if helped, by then I was desperate, so I said yes. After working on it just one time, the pain had been relieved! She worked on it a total of three times, that was a year ago, I have not experienced any pain there since!! I can go on walks with my kids, I can enjoy hiking in the mountains, and I can do this all with…NO PAIN!!!!!! I HIGHLY recommend Timarie! She is VERY good at what she does, and she actually cares about helping people feel better!!! MAT is just AMAZING! I have never had anything like it done before, but that is the only thing that ever worked right away AND LASTED!!!" Angela

"I appreciate her caring competence AND how my body feels after a session of MAT." -Sharon

"I've always been unable to sleep on my stomach due to pain in my chest area, I attributed this to weak bones.  However, after being worked on I can now sleep face-down w/o any issues.  I can't explain it, I just know it works!" -David

"Thanks to Timarie Bashor and her skills in muscle activation techniques, ( M.A.T.) I finally got in a heavy weight workout with no shoulder pain! ITS BEEN A YEAR in pain. No more. I can lift at will. Thank you so much for helping me regain my strength in my shoulder. Check it out, good stuff!" -Sam

"Timarie's knowledge...I really like learning about the body and the practice of MAT and Timarie is happy to share." - Anonymous 

"I have long struggled with certain injuries and while I have seen some results with various bodywork modalities, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the most lasting and significant results have come as a result of Timarie's gifted hands. Her willingness and desire to learn, as well as patience with myself and my body make it easy to trust her skill and expertise-and I am a snob when it comes to things like this." -Maya

Personal Training and Pole Fitness

"Timarie is an incredible and passionate pole instructor. She is able to quickly and easily adapt to many different learning styles, making the workout and environment comfortable and fun! Her graceful and seemingly effortless techniques inspire you to reach your goals each week. Timarie’s training and knowledge about muscle mechanics only enhance her ability to be a top notch instructor." - Holly

"My experience with pole fitness was eye opening. I never once for a moment doubted that pole required core and upper body strength. I went to Timarie's studio with one of my best friends, Anastasia. I knew when we walked in the door that we would be better at the movements that required more flow or sexual moves because I am not one to attempt to learn or practice those sort of things. Nevertheless, I walked in with an open mind, ready to learn something new and ready to laugh while I was at it. We started with a simple warm up to get our bodies warmed up and then moved onto some basic turns on the static pole and spin pole. As Anastasia and I laughed our way through, we quickly learned that my upper body strength greatly aided in the moves while Anastasia's movements were more graceful as she slowly fell to the floor. After an hour, we put together a short routine of the moves we had learned. We recorded it and every time looking back, we cannot help but laugh even more. We may have looked silly, clumsy, and not so appealing, but we learned so much. We learned that people who do pole have enormous strength even if they might not show it. We learned how pole fitness can bring laughter while teaching you about your own strength and abilities. Most importantly, we learned that pole is so much more than sexual and graceful movements. Without a doubt, I would recommend trying pole with Timarie. It makes for a day full of laughter and many memories and stories to tell your friends later." - Katie
“I LOVE my pole class with Timarie. She creates a positive, supportive environment in which every personality and every body type is reaffirmed and encouraged. I learn so much, and have accomplished what I never thought I could do. I am not confident in my dance abilities, but Timarie puts her students at ease and creates a safe zone for learning and growth. She is able to challenge each person in a class individually, even when their ability levels are widely different.  One of the best things Timarie emphasizes in overall health. She encourages each person to listen to their body, and adapt moves to best fit their strengths. She guides warm-up, endurance/strength training, and cool down. And the combos are so fun!”- Karen

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