Personal Training and
Pole Fitness
How is Timarie different?
She takes the time to listen and value what her clients share with her. She has a small private studio so you do not have to worry about gym intimidation. By focusing on her clients goals, Timarie offers individual attention in a fun and relaxed environment. She pushes her clients in a supportive positive manner and often cheers them along as they reach their goals. Timarie incorporates free weights, body weight, and stall bars in her personal training sessions.

Do I have to move like a Stripper to do Pole Fitness?
There are many different styles in Pole Fitness which is why is speaks to so many people. Listen to your inner voice, or learn to awaken it and let that move you in your pole practice. Pole can be sensual, fluid dance, or athletic. It often becomes a blend of everything.

What if I can't lift or hold myself up on a pole?
Strength comes with time. There are plenty of things to work on to gain strength and flexibility. There are various conditioning exercises in addition to many moves that do not require lifting oneself off the ground.

What do I need to wear?
Where general gym clothes for personal training: a comfortable shirt and pants/shorts and sneakers.
Pole fitness requires skin contact (it helps you grip the pole) which is why you may see so many people wearing small amounts of clothing. When you first begin, a tank top and shorts above the knees will be fine. Please do not wear any oils or lotions because you will slip.

What are your office hours?
Timarie schedules personal training sessions and private pole lessons privately. A 20-30 min. consultation is held off site to ensure that the client and Timarie are a good fit before beginning any personal training or pole fitness program.
If you are looking to hold a fun and memorable team building workshop for your staff, please contact Timarie to set it up. 

Are all poles the same and where can I buy one?
There are a variety of poles out there. If you are wanting a secure pole that will hold your weight, please do not buy a pole from a novelty shop. Timarie uses xpole and highly recommends this brand. Click on the banner below for more information.

What is your cancelation policy?
She has a 12 hour cancelation policy. She reserves the right to apply a $10 fee for any session that is canceled less than 12 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.