About Timarie Bashor
Timarie has an undergrad in Sociology with an emphasis in Family Studies. She has always been driven to support people with their goals and to better their lives. After many years in social work, she felt like her hands were tied and she could no longer impact people the way she felt called, so she made a career change in 2011.  

A friend introduced her to Muscle Activation Techniques after they had both been involved in a serious car accident in March, 2011. The overall approach of checks and balances, muscle testing, and direct impact that the modality had on her friend resonated with her and her desire for something more. Prior to the accident, Timarie began to suffer from chronic headaches and often low back pain that limited her desire to be physically active. After receiving massage and Chiropractic care from the accident, she found a MAT Specialist that worked with her to eliminate her back pain and significantly reduce her headaches.  She also sought out information on training and education, which lead Timarie to receiving her MAT Specialist Certificate in 2012.

2011 was certainly a year of expansion. Timarie was introduced to pole dance and fitness. She immediately fell in love with the sport. She embraces the sport's belief that it supports all body types and athletic abilities. She enjoys the freedom of expression that it offers. She bought a pole and taught herself from YouTube videos until a local studio opened. She attended and taught for two years until she branched out to her Milliken studio. She has been sharing the joy and challenge of pole ever since. 

Timarie continues to learn and expand her knowledge about the body. She has studied massage and Reiki. She also became a Certified Personal Trainer in 2016 so she could further support and empower her clients.

She has a passion to restore and awaken self-confidence through physical abilities, so her clients can enjoy an active life well into their later years. Timarie's mission is to empower people to MOVE BETTER so they can LIVE BETTER with confidence.